Our Team

Diego Narbona

Oh, Diego Narbona! There is no better chef, nor better person.

This is my beloved soul child, the one who captured my travels and experiences in a letter. The same one who, day after day, conducts the orchestra in my kitchen and who makes it possible for you to leave each visit with a smile from ear to ear.

I love this little boy!

Dani Morales

Dani Morales

Even if you see him with the knives, he is totally harmless.

My Daniel is a shaolin master of sushi. He knows the millenary art of this precious delicacy in a superhuman way that you can now enjoy in a unique and special menu created exclusively for my nights and for you who visit me.



Argentinian like the best meat, a specialist in all gastronomic things but above all in doing things the way they should be done, with love, which always gives the best results.

Together with Diego they form an indestructible tandem that will make you want to come back again and again to my kitchen.

Óscar González

My Óscar is the youngest of my children, but his mastery and fluency make him an essential part of my team of architects.

Quick with a blowtorch, a virtuoso when it comes to cutting meat and a pastry lover, he's a real sweetheart in my kitchen!