Our Team

Rafael Vargas

Oh, Rafael! There is no better than him, nor better person.

This is my beloved soul child, the one who captured my travels and experiences in every visti to my restaurant. The same one who, day after day, conducts the orchestra at Bendita Katalina and who makes it possible for you to leave each visit with a smile from ear to ear.

I love this little boy!

Lourdes Arcas

Passion for gastronomy

My Lourdes is wonderful, friendly, attentive, perfectionist and passionate about good service. She is always ready to recommend the best wine to accompany your lunches and dinners in my restaurant.

Charo Medina

My Charo brings my lunches to life

with her self-confidence, she can make you a chateaubriand, or prepare one of those cocktails with style and a touch of folklore that we like so much in Katalina.

Carlos Punset

"My Carlos is elegance in person"

If elegance exists... my Carlos has it. If there is such a thing as professionalism... my Carlos has it. If there is a more handsome boy... it had to be my Carlos.