In my facilities every celebration is lived with joy and I have always loved a “sarao” more than a “rociero” loves the chalky sand.


At Bendita Katalina you can give shape to any celebration that is in your mind, my team will be with  you in the process so that everything comes out perfectly and just as you had imagined it. We also have a PA system.


Do you want to see it? Here is a small sample!

My largest facility, with a capacity for 250 people, where presentations, business meetings or any type of event can be held. In addition, this room has a music system, microphone, private service and wifi.
Who doesn't like a party?

It is clear that I do and that my children specialise in organising them, which is why we have a cosy and unique space in the upper area of our clubhouse, with a capacity for up to 50 people.

Here you can find our more social side, the one that can organise a company meeting, a wedding, a course or a masterclass... or any event you have in mind.

This room also has capacity for 60 people, private bathrooms and wifi.
Our swimming pool awaits you for your outdoor event. A space with a capacity of up to 250 people, cosy and with a festive spirit.

This space also offers the possibility of hiring catering and cocktail service.
The perfect place if you want to have the peace and quiet you need to enjoy an intimate and cosy event..

This space can accommodate up to 30 people.

Would you like more information about our spaces?

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