Katalina's Story

Oh Katalina! You were always an example of elegance, a diva, a lover of culture, of empty suitcases at the point of departure but full on your return. In them you always stored experiences, cultures, customs, the odd idyll, but above all a lot of cooking and a lot of wisdom.


Who was going to tell you? Me, Katalina, was ahead of my time, a foodie of the 50s. A woman with an exquisite palate, who grew and developed personally thanks to my intrepid life as an explorer around the world. A life journey through which I learnt everything I know today…


But like everything in life… I also got tired of planes, of rushing, of being an influencer without knowing what that word meant and I did not hesitate to return to the land that filled me with energy, that excited me and that gives me life, although sometimes it is garrisoned by its age.


It is now, through my house, that I want to give you this gift, the most generous I could do. Katalina brings you my techniques on how to treat the food, or rather, how to love it, so that my “architects”, as she calls her chefs, create what we want to represent in this kitchen.


And where can you find me? In my homeland, the brilliant Costa del Sol, exactly in Añoreta. A very special corner of the Axarquia where the earthly and the divine merge, the climate and the landscape with my personal experiences reflected in each of my gastronomic proposals.


The journey begins with me. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a journey through the palate accompanied by the most exclusive proposal of champagnes, pairing and the best signature cocktails.


Oh Katalina… Bendita Katalina!